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Tense is the change of form in a verb to express the time of action of the verb, its continuance and degree of completeness. Hi friends, in today’s article we are going to know about the concept of Future Indefinite Tense or simple future tense with examples, rules, formation. So let’s discuss in details.

There are three types of tense – (i) Present Tense (ii) Past Tense and (iii) Future Tense

What is Future Indefinite Tense?

The future indefinite tense or simple future tense is used to express an action or events will be perform some future time.

Common Words – Today, to night, tomorrow, shortly, next, this evening, this afternoon, new, in this matter, etc. are used in the simple future tense.

future indefinite tenseStructure of Simple Future Tense (Formation)

Sub + shall/will + Verb + obj

Sub shall/will Verb Obj Full Sentence
You will do it You will do it.
I shall go home I shall go home.

Future Indefinite Tense Rules

(i) First person (I, we) takes ‘Shall‘ and rest of the subject takes ‘Will‘.

(ii) If the sentence in the future indefinite tense or simple future tense is an interrogative (?) then ‘shall or will‘ is used before the subject.

Future Indefinite Tense Examples

• I (go) to Delhi shortly.

I will go to Delhi shortly.

• They (play) football tomorrow.

They will play football tomorrow.

• He (make) a new hut.

He will make a new hut.

• They buy a new car.

They will buy a new car.

• They (set) out after an hour.

They will set out after an hour.

• They (go) there by bus.

They will go there by bus.

• He (come) to our place?

Will he come to our place?

• The boys (do) the sums.

They boys will do the sums.

• She (play) on the piano.

She will play on the piano.

• When they (arrive)?

When will they arrive?

• He (see) you tomorrow.

He will see you tomorrow.

• He (come) here.

He will come here.

• I (go) home.

I shall go home.

• I (remain) here?

Shall I remain here?


So friends, this was the concept of the Future Indefinite Tense or simple future tense. Hope you get the full details about it and hope you like this article.

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