Present Indefinite Tense | Simple present tense with example

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Tense is the change of form in a verb to express the time of action of the verb, its continuance and degree of completeness. Hi friends, in today’s article we are going to know about the concept of Present Indefinite Tense. So let’s discuss in details.

There are three types of tense – (i) Present Tense (ii) Past Tense and (iii) Future Tense

What is Present Indefinite Tense?

Note – Universal truth, habitual action, general truth, an action that takes plays ordinarily with indicating any degree of its completeness are used in the present indefinite tense.

Common Words of Present Indefinite Tense

Regularly, always, often, daily, every, once a, twice a, usually, generally, these days, now a days, etc. are used in the simple present tense.

Common Words 2 To make an exclamatory (!) sentence with (here) or there will be in the simple present tense.

Common Words 3 A sentence consist of “When” or “While” and there is two parts of the sentence, if a part is in the future indefinite tense then the other part will be in the simple present tense.

Formation of Simple Present or Present Indefinite Tense

Sub + Verb + Obj

Present indefinite tense rules

(i) If the subject is a third person in the singular number then ‘s’ or ‘es’ added to the verb. Other wise with rest of the subject only bracket () of the main verb is omitted.

(ii) If a verb ends with ss, ch, x, o, sh then ‘es’ is added to the verb, other wise only ‘s’ is added to the verb.

(iii) If a verb ends with a single consonant and a single ‘y’ then ‘y’ is omitted and ‘ies’ is added to the verb.

(iv) In the present indefinite tense, if there is ‘be’ is as the main verb then ‘be’ change into is or are.

Present indefinite tense examples

Some example of present indefinite tense are given below –

• I (take) a glass of water at bed time.

I take a glass of water at bed time.

• I (see) a bird on the tree.

I see a bird on the tree.

• The Earth (move) round the Sun.

The Earth moves round the Sun.

• To hate people (be) the biggest sin in the world.

To hate people is the biggest sin in the world.

• Failures (be) the pillar of success.

Failures are the pillar of success.

• Honesty (be) the best policy.

Honesty is the best policy.

• Mahatma Gandhi (be) the greatest man of India.

Mahatma Gandhi is the greatest man of India.

• I (feel) feverish.

I feel feverish.

• He (feel) cold.

He feels cold.

• Birds (fly) in the sky.

Birds fly in the sky.

• He never (tell) a lie.

He never tells a lie.

• He never (drink) wine.

He never drinks wine.

• A Vegetarian is a person who never (eat) meat.

A vegetarian is a person who never eats meat.

• I usually (go) to bed at 9.30 .P.M.

I usually go to bed at 9.30 pm.

• There (go) the train!

There goes the train!

• Look! (come) the hero.

Look! comes the hero.

• The Police will arrest him when he (come) back.

The Police will arrest him when he comes back.

• The baby (cry) when it gets hungry.

The baby cries when it gets hungry.

Use of Passive voice in the tense

• These days cricket (play) everywhere.

These days Cricket is played everywhere.

• Now a days English (speak) all over the world.

Now a days English is spoken all over the world.

So, this is the present indefinite tense exercise.


So friends, this was the concept of Simple Present Tense. Hope you get the full details about it and hope you like this article.

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