Past Indefinite Tense | Past Indefinite Tense Example

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Tense is the change of form in a verb to express the time of action of the verb, its continuance and degree of completeness. Hi friends, in today’s article we are going to know about the concept of Past Indefinite Tense or simple past tense. So let’s discuss in details.

There are three types of tense – (i) Present Tense (ii) Past Tense and (iii) Future Tense

What is Past Indefinite Tense?

The Past Indefinite Tense or simple past tense is used for the relation of the past events. It is used to denote an action that completed in the past at a definite time. It is used when ever any given past time is implied (stated).

Common Words – Last, ago, recently, yesterday, it is time, once upon a time, during, this morning, as soon as, as if, as though, etc. are generally used in the past indefinite tense or simple past tense.

Common Words 1 – The past indefinite tense is used with ‘if’ or ‘I wish’ to express an unreal past events to know something or a mere supposition or improbable wish to be a soul exists being.

Common Words 2 – It is used with ‘can’ or ‘will’ in the interrogative sentence to express a polite from of address.

Formation of Past Indefinite Tense

Sub + Verb + Past Tense + Obj

Sub Verb + Past Tense Obj Full Sentence
I lost my ring I lost my ring.
He went to school He went to school.

Past Indefinite Tense Rule

(i) In the Past Indefinite Tense ‘be’ changes in to ‘were’ incase of soul exists being.

Past Indefinite Tense Examples

• It (be) Sunday yesterday.

It was Sunday yesterday.

• The teacher (know) that the boy was laying.

The teacher knew that the boy was laying.

• Plato (teach) in Athens.

Plato taught in Athens.

• Clombas (discover) America.

Clombas discovered America.

• Rama (kill) Ravana.

Ram killed Ravana.

• If I (know) your address.

If I knew your address.

• I wish I (can) fly.

I wish I could fly.

Use of Passive voice in the Tense

• Sankardev (bear) in Borduwa.

Sankardev was born in Borduwa.

• He (bear) in 1994.

He was born in 1994.

• The soldiers (kill) last year in the battle.

The soldiers were killed last year in the battle.

• The old man (die) in an accident this morning.

The old man was died in an accident this morning.


So friends, this was the concept of the Past Indefinite Tense. Hope you get the full details about it and hope you like this article.

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