Report Writing on World Health Day | Write a Report on World Health Day

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Hello Dear Students, welcome to KhanStudy. In this post we are going to know, how we can write a report or report writing on World Health Day. So, without any delay let’s start.

Report Writing on World Health Day


Gauhati, the 19th August/23:  Gauhati ABC School (Enter the Name of school in the Red coloured Text) was in the news again. Continuing with their tradition, it celebrated ‘The World Health Day’ on 7th April 2023. The school Organized a one-day workshop. The theme of world health day 2023 was ‘Promoting Health and Hygiene’, Dr. Baruwa the noted Physicians was the cheif health day drawing poster

He spoke about the danger posed by diseases like diabetes, blood-pressure and failure of heart. He appealed to the audience to give up smoking, drinking and the excessive use of fats. Dr. Rahman, a health expect stressed on heaving leafy green Vegetables, salads and fibrous food. He highlighted the importance of keeping our environment clean and pollution free. The principal remainded the sudents that a sound mind lives in sound body and health is wealth.






So dear students, this was the simple way for Report writing on World Health Day. Hope you get the full details about it and hope you like this article.

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