Write an Article on Preservation of Biodiversity in The North-East of India

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Hello Dear Students, welcome to KhanStudy. In this post we are going to know how to write an article on Preservation of Biodiversity?. So, without any delay let’s start.

Preservation of biodiversity refers to the conservation and protection of the variety of life forms and ecosystems on Earth. Biodiversity, short for biological diversity, encompasses the full range of living organisms, including plants, animals, microorganisms, and the environments in which they live and interact.



North-East is prone to diasters like – floods, drought, earthquakes, etc. We do not have any proper criteria of over coming these problems. Though there have been lots of arguments regarding the problems, we hardly try to find the solution at hand, which is the preservation of biodiversity.

Degradation in biodiversity is a major problem. Advances in Industrilization, rapid urbanisation and increase of Vechicles of Transport cause a severestrain on the biological environment. Deforestration and unnecessary felling of tress of trees depraved the scenic beauty.

The result of this is that city-dwellers having fallen prey to several diseases. We should preserve our biodiversity by planting trees, stopping deforestration,etc. This can retain the beauty of the North-East’s biodiversity for future generation.


So dear Students, this was the full process that you can easily write an article on Preservation of Biodiversity or conservation of Biodiversity. Hope you get the full details about it and hope you like this article.

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