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Tense is the change of form in a verb to express the time of action of the verb, its continuance and degree of completeness. Hi friends, in today’s article we are going to know about the concept of Present Perfect Tense. So let’s discuss in details.

There are three types of tense – (i) Present Tense (ii) Past Tense and (iii) Future Tense

What is Present Perfect Tense?

The present perfect tense is used to denote an action which completed with in a given period in the past that extends to and includes the present movement.

It does not tell us when the complete action took place. It simply refers to the present result of the action or experience in the past.

Common Words – Just, just now, yet, already, lately, ever, never several time, etc. are used in the present perfect tense.

Common Word 1 – To make a negative sentence with ‘since’ or ‘for’ is generally used in the present perfect tense.

Formation of Present Perfect Tense

Sub + has/have + Past Participle of verb + obj

Sub has/have Past Participle of verb obj
He has gone to Calcutta.
I have done the sum.

Present Perfect Tense Rules

(i) If the subject is a third person in the singular number then has added to the subject. Other wise rest of the subject task have.

Present Perfect Tense Examples

• I (cut) my finger, it is bleeding now.

I have cut my finger, it is bleeding now.

• He knows this city, he (be) here before.

He knows this city, he has been here before.

• He is not at home, he (go) out.

He is not at home, he has gone out.

• I (forget) to bring my admit card, I must go back to home.

I have forgotten to bring my admit card, I must go back to home.

• I can’t play today, I (sprain) my leg.

I can’t play today, I have sprained my leg.

• I already (see) the movie.

I have already seen the movie.

• He lately (change) his address.

He has lately changed his address.

• I never (see) the Tajmahal.

I have never seen the Tajmahal.

• We not (meet) him, since last week.

We have not met him since last week.

• You (do) a great wrong.

You have done a great wrong.

• He (be) diligent from childhood.

He has been diligent from childhood.

• We (live) here since 1990

We have lived here since 1990.


So friends, this was the concept of the Present Perfect Tense. Hope you get the full details about it and hope you like this article.

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