Poor Condition of Road Letter Writing

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Hello Dear Friends, welcome to KhanStudy.in. In this post we are going to know, how to write a letter on poor condition of road. So, without any delay let’s start.

Question:- Write a letter to the Editor of an English daily drawing the attention of the authorities concerned to the poor/danger condition of the roads or back piece of roads in your locality. You are Rahul/Priya living in Gandhi Nagor, Kamrup (Assam). Poor Condition of Road Letter Writing

Poor Condition of Road Letter Writing

To,                                                                                                         Gandhi Nagor,

          The Editor,                                                                                    Kamrup, Assam

          The Assam Tribune, Gauhati – 21

          Dated:- The 27th August, 2023

          Sub:- The Poor Condition of Road in our locality.



            The residents of our locality that is Rajapara in Gandhi Nagor, Kamrup (Assam) have been suffering a lot due to poor condition of the roads. The bad conditions of the roads cause a lot of inconvenience to the people causing traffic jams during the peak office and school hours and frequent accidents. The condition of the road so bad that the people suffers in many ways. During the rainy season, the people suffer most. From our locality the students face a lot problems due to condition of the roads. The patients also suffer due to the poor condition of the roads as the Ambulances can not move smoothly on the roads. There are many pot-holes on the roads that the vehicles have to move at a snail speed.

                     Through the cloumns of your esteemed daily. I appeal to the discrite authorities in particular as well as the P.W.D./G.M.C. to look in to the matter and take urgent steps and repair the back piece of roads in our locality. Thanking You!


                                                                                                          Yours Faithfully


So dear friends, this was the simple way for Poor Condition of Road Letter Writing. Hope you get the full details about it and hope you like this article.

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