Article on Mobile phone Boon or Bane in 150 words

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Question:- Write an article to be published in your school magazine on “Mobile Phone: A boon or a bane?”

Mobile phone Boon or Bane

Mobile phone is the latest and wonderful boon to the modern life. For some people, it has a lot of uses. It is a device that has widened the arena of knowledge, opened a new world of discovery. The facility of internet has also made the flow of latest knowledge possible.

It has wonderful capacity of calculating, sending messages, making voice and video calls in less time and at cheaper price which is an essential help to the modern life.

It also has the facility dictonary, alarm, flash light, music, video, games and much more. It has become a basic need like food, shelter and clothing in modern life.

But as every rose has its thorns. So it has also some abuses. The children who uses much time on phones often they become physically in active. Sometimes people waste a rare lot of time in useless way on phone.

We should know how to use phone. A part of scientific way says that a long time calls on phone causes cancer and genetic damage under certain conditions. In the sense mobile is a bane. Despite all the abuses of phones. One can not deny the uses of mobile.


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