Biotic and Abiotic resources | 5 difference between Biotic and Abiotic resources

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Biotic and Abiotic resources are the two types of natural resources. In today’s article we are going to know about Biotic and Abiotic resources (5 difference between Biotic and Abiotic resources). So let’s discuss in details.

What is Biotic Resources?

Biotic resources are obtained from the biosphere, such as forest and their products, birds, animals, fish and other organisms. Some biotic resources examples are fish, birds, etc.

What is Abiotic Resources?

Abiotic resources include non-living things such as water, air, stone. It means some abiotic resources examples are stone, air, water, etc.

What are the difference between Biotic and Abiotic resources?

The 5 difference between biotic and abiotic resources are given in the following grounds-

Biotic Resources Abiotic Resources
(i) Biotic elements describes a living component of an ecosystem. As for example of biotic resources- Animals, Plants, etc. (i) In ecology and biology, abiotic components are the non-living chemical and physical factors in the environment which affected ecosystem.  
(ii) Biotic resources include different types of plants, animals and bacteria. (ii) Abiotic resources include water, sunlight, wind, humidity, soil, minerals, etc. 
(iii) The biotic resources directly or indirectly affected the environmental quality. (iii) Abiotic resources determined the growth pattern of the different elements of the environmental assets.
(iv) Most of the biotic resources are renewable in nature. Such as forest, tree, etc. (iv) Some parts of the abiotic resources are non-renewable in nature. As for example- minerals.
(v) Biotic resources are affected by the different elements of the environment which can be recreated in nature. (v) But once the abiotic resources are degraded, we can not regain them very easily.


So friends, this was the concept of Biotic and Abiotic resources. Hope you get the full details about it and hope you like this article.

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