Best Rupay Credit Cards For UPI Payment | Top 3 Best Rupay Credit Card 2023

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Hi friends, in this article we will discuss the top 3 Rupay Credit cards for UPI payment, Rupay credit cards which are in demand these days. As no one wants to take a Master or Visa credit card, everyone demand for a Rupay Credit card. So today in this article, I will tell you about the top 3 best Rupay credit cards and I’ll also expalin all the features of these 3 credit cards. Before that, we should know why Rupay credit cards are in such high demand, that everyone around the world wants to get a Rupay credit card.

So we will start from the very beginning that what are the features, what are the benefits of this Rupay credit cards and after this at the end, we will read what are the best Rupay Credit cards and what are their benefits, so let’s start the beginning.

Card Type in Bank

Whether it’s Debit card or Credit card, you must have seen Rupay, Master or Visa is written there in small letters. So what are these? These work as payment gateway, for now, just understand that there are 3 payment gateways which are seen in our Debit and credit, both cards.

1st is Rupay which is originated in our country, india made by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India), on the other hand, we have Visa and Master card and both of them are American. If I go by the statistics then the Rupay which is Indian and being an Indian it’s our duty also to take Rupay Crads whenever we open a savings account or get a credit card.

According to the statiistics till now Rupay has issued 60 Cr cards in total but unfortunately out of these 60 Cr issued cards, only 10 Lakhs are credit cards and the rest is Debit Cards and Rupay has the biggest market share of the total cards.

Now the Rupay Cards, whether it’s a Credit or a Debit, comes in 3 variants, 1st is the Classic variant, 2nd is the Platinum variant and 3rd is the Select variant. For example, any SBI Credit Card which is a Rupay Card, suppose this is the Credit Card, SBI will be written here and Rupay will be written here.

Now below the Rupay, Select or Classic will be written there, Now the Classic Credit Card means the Credit Card that has been issued by the Bank is a basic Credit Card, it could be a lifetime free Credit Card with very less features.

Then the Platinum Credit Cards are the average Credit Cards with 400-500 rupees fees with limited features and the Select Credit Cards are the Premium Rupay Cards and their fees could be ₹1K, ₹2K, or even more than that and they come with some advanced features like golf and others. So these are the 3 variants of cards.

Rupay credit card benefits

Everyone would want the rupay credit card but what’s the reason. Now everyone knows that RBI has said that we can link our UPI with our credit cards, it means you can link your credit card with your UPI but only when you have a Rupay credit card. So, suppose I have a Visa or Master Credit card then I won’t be able to link it with my UPI. But if I have a Rupay credit card then I can link it with my UPI apps like Paytm, PhonePe, Amazon Pay, etc.

Best Rupay Credit card

Now what is the benefit of it? Mainly 3 people would be benefited from this. 1st one is the Merchant, 2nd is the Customers and 3rd is our country. Now let’s get the story and its benefits. Suppose I’m a customer and I have Rupay credit card, then I can pay any where through Scan QR and make the payment with my credit card which linked with my Credit Card.

2nd is the merchant, so what is their benefit? Their benefit is when we used to roam our credit card and visit any shops like chemists or clothing stores and used to give them the credit card.

The merchant used to evaluate the bill and the card and say – ‘will charge you the 2%, if you are paying through the Credit Card’ means the customers were pressurized as the merchant had to pay. So, the customer and the merchant, both are harassed, so now they will be free from the MDR of 2%.

3rd what’s the benefit of the country? 3rd benefit is for our country. So when we would link our Credit Cards with UPI, the advantage of our country is the GDP will increase. Now what is the formula of GDP? I know I’m going a little off topic but try to understand, GDP’s formula is C+I+G+(X-M), and the biggest factor is the C, which means Consumption means how much we are spending and when your Credit Card is linked with your UPI and the population is around 135-140 Cr then just imagine how much contribution would be in GDP?

Best RuPay Credit card for UPI

Now coming back to the topic, which 3 Rupay Credit Cards should we go for? So the first one, I can place any one of these on rank 1 or rank 2, you can place both of these on rank 1 or rank 2, you can choose any one of these.

Do you know what facilities both cards provide? Suppose you are scanning, you are doing UPI to someone and you are getting a cashback due to that UPI transaction, so this is what these Credit Cards do, suppose you have eaten Chocolate you scanned and paid him, suppose 4-5 of you have eaten Chocolate worth ₹100 and if you get 1.

5% cashback in return, it’s just not the 1.5% cashback, as ₹100 is a small amount, suppose you went to a clothing store or any other shop, you are scanning and you are getting cashback, this is what these Credit Cards do. So tell me why the demand for Rupay Credit Cards won’t increase. Visa and Master Cards are fine but this is linked with UPI and I can pay easily and relax and along with it, I’m getting cashback also for making a transaction through UPI, so these are great Credit Cards.

5% cashback on whatever you purchase from TATA Nue App, I’m not saying that only Credit Card holders will get this, normally you also will get 5%, if you purchase, but if you have a TATA Nue Plus HDFC Credit Card and you are purchasing from TATA Nue App then you’ll get an additional 2% cashback, means your total cashback would be 7%.

Now suppose you have the TATA Nue Infinity Credit Card, everybody is already getting 5% cashback whether you have a Credit Card or not but in this case, if you pay with your TATA Infinity Credit Card, you’ll get an extra 5% cashback, so your total cashback would be 10%.

So these are the summarized benefits of these 2 Credit Cards. Now the main feature of this, if I do UPI then in the TATA Nue Plus Credit Card, I’d get ₹1 on spending every ₹100 as the 1% cashback on UPI payments and in this case, I’d get 1.5% cashback if I pay with the TATA Infinity Credit Card.

So the UPI benefits are really great on these cards. See TATA is also good as what we can buy from Amazon or Flipkart, we can buy that on Tata New App also, so imagine if you have the TATA Nue Infinity Credit Card, then the normal 5% and the card is providing an extra 5%, so you are getting 10% cashback in total.

Indian Oil Credit Card of Axis Bank

After this, I’ve placed the Indian Oil Credit Card of Axis Bank on rank #3. This Indian Oil Credit Card of Axis Bank is also a Rupay Credit Card, this is more beneficial for those who deal with fuel often, beneficial for people with more fuel consumption daily, Now in this Indian Oil Credit Card of Axis Bank, let me tell you from the beginning, suppose you got the Credit Card today and within the next 30 days you will get 100% cashback directly on the amount of money you spend on fuel.

Suppose you got fuel worth ₹100/-, then you’d get cashback of ₹100, means you will get 100% cashback for the amount you spend on fuel but the condition is the maximum amount of cashback you can get within 30 days is ₹250, so this is 1st feature, now the 2nd feature is that you’ll get value back, which means.

Suppose 30 days are over, then you are spending ₹100 on fuel then you’ll get 4% cashback on whatever amount you spend on fuel ok! This is called value back.

Suppose I spent ₹1000 for fuel, so here I’d get ₹40 cashback or ₹40 value back but the condition is the maximum amount you can spend on fuel within a month is ₹5000/-, you can spend as much as you want but the maximum cashback would be upto ₹5000, suppose you spent ₹6000 within a month on Fuel, ok! with this Credit Card, then you’d get 4% cashback on the ₹5000/- only and there would be no cashback on the additional ₹1000 So this is the condition it has, apart from this it says- you’ll get 1% cashback for online shopping and it’s not a special feature and you’d get instant 10% cashback

If you book any movie ticket from Bookmyshow and there are Edge reward points, you would earn 1 Edge reward point on spending ₹100/-, Axis Bank has a few products for Edge reward points, as you keep collecting Edge reward points you can purchase anything from that product’s list with your Edge reward points.

The joining fee is ₹500 but sometimes they make it free of cost And the annual fee is free for the 1st year and would be ₹500 from the 2nd year onwards. So the Rupay Credit Card is gradually… as it’s the only Credit Card that is possible to link with UPI, we have to wait and watch when Master and Visa Card linking would be possible because it’s been almost a year and still working on the Rupay Card only and God knows when it will be Master and Visa Card’s turn and because of this, the demand for Rupay Credit cards is growing very fast.


So, friends, I hope in this article I tried my best to explain everything to the point, along with the additional information, so that you can be financially aware, So if you find this article informative then please visit again.

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